Kate Moss + friends

Late last year, research into consumer behavior showed that eating with skinny friends could lead you to eating more than if you were with overweight friends.

We think 'if she can eat like that and stay thin, so can I,' or 'she is having cake, then I can too,'

In a study of 210 female college students, researchers found that when the student watched a movie (with snacks) with a skinny companion - they would eat more snacks. When sitting with a heavier friend (actually the same researcher but wearing obesity prosthesis) the student used more self-control and ate less!

The irony of this research is that is seems to fly in the face of other research showing that if your friend becomes obese - it is likely that you will too. It's something to do with mutual acceptance of one another -- if you have a real friend you don't need to strive to be acceptable.

So... skinny or fat friends... which do you prefer? Or is it a complete non-event - what should physical appearance have to do with socialising? (I would like to think that was the case - but I suspect not). Many a young woman can tell stories of being ostracized by another group of girls because she failed to live up to the unwritten fashion/body shape standards of the group.