The new revolution keyboard by Jin Yang of eico Motion Lab China is the new talked about gadget accessory. The concept was covered by the blogsphere in early September. It is the world's thinnest keyboard for iPhone 4 and one wonders why it wasn't thought of before. Inspired by the iPad 2 smart cover, the idea of the smart keyboard is a pure genius. Though it has not been put into a physical form yet, but just the concept has left many to awe at it.

The smart keyboard is no ordinary rubber pad that stays on the screen top forever, instead as the name suggests it is a smart stick on. It has magnets that help it stick to the iPhone and one can use it for typing when needed.  It can be pealed off and placed back to its original position that is the back side of the phone, after use. The smart keyboard also serves as a triangular stand for the iPhone, making its characteristics similar to that of the smart cover.

Many who have transferred from solid keyboards to iPhone due to its numerous features and applications will agree they missed their physical keyboards a lot. Even though from phones to computers everything is becoming touch operated one still isn't ready to actually let go off these buttons. Typing becomes easier when a user feels they are pressing something. Sticking it on will give its users more screen space as the keyboard sticks to the bottom of the phone.

With the innovation of smart keyboard, users that were reluctant to leave their keyboards will be able to make the move. Users may feel that they won't be able to operate with the smart keyboard in the dark, but it smarter than one can think of. The keyboard can be used in the dark also, as the light from the screen brightens its keys too, giving it LED features.

There isn't a date available for when this concept will turn into reality but, even the video reviews show how popular it has become prior to its creation. The smart keyboard will be available in around seven to eighth colors as seen in videos.

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