The TARDIS landed at New York Comic Con on Friday. “Doctor Who” stars Peter Capaldi was joined by showrunner Steven Moffat, actor Matt Lucas, producer Brian Minchin and newest cast member Pearl Mackie for their first NYCC appearance at Madison Square Garden. The team dropped a few hints about the BBC America drama’s 2016 Christmas special at the panel.

1. Superheroes — “Shameless” star Justin Chatwin will guest star as a superhero in the episode. He’s in a full cape and mask for the role, which Moffat says was inspired by his love of Superman. “I’ve always loved Clark Kent,” Moffat said. The showrunner joked that no other heroes mattered, but he quickly added the Doctor and Sherlock Holmes (Moffat also runs PBS’ “Sherlock”) to the list of important characters.

2. Nardole — Nardole will return in the special. Lucas is the one who wanted to come back on a regular basis, despite his movie career. He said that he truly enjoyed his experience on set during last year’s holiday episode, and he thought he’d have fun being on the show more often. “I just thought it would be exciting to have a regular role,” Lucas said.

3. No New Companion — If you’re hoping to meet Bill (Pearl Mackie) this Christmas, you’re out of luck. She won’t be introduced until Season 10 officially returns in spring 2017.

4. A Little Scary — As always, the Christmas special won’t just be full of Christmas carolers  and presents under the tree. “It’s full of joy and life and terror,” Brian Minchin said.

5. Title — “The Return of Dr. Mysterio” is the title of this year’s holiday episode. Interestingly, Mysterio is the name of a Marvel comics villain.

“Doctor Who” Season 10 hits BBC America in Spring 2017.