“Doctor Who” Season 9 hasn’t even finished, but fans are already worried about Season 10. There was speculation that star Peter Capaldi wanted to explore other projects, so there might be fewer installments of the sci-fi hit in 2016. However, executive producer Steven Moffat has assured audiences that the episode count will stay the same.

“We’re making a full series. I can confirm that,” Moffat told Radio Times. “I’m making a full series of 12 episodes, plus a Christmas special. I don’t know when it goes out. That’s up to someone else.”

The rumors started after the Mirror claimed that “Doctor Who” Season 10 would only have 6 episodes. Capaldi was allegedly “exhausted” and wanted to dedicate time to stepping behind the camera to direct other projects. The actor has previously been vocal about the fact that he doesn’t have room in his schedule for many jobs outside of “Who.”

“The only thing is, ‘Doctor Who’ takes up so much time, it doesn't leave a lot of time to do other things,” he told Shortlist in September. However, he also revealed that he still managed to direct a couple episodes of “Veep,” so the 46-year-old actor seems to be balancing his role as a time traveling alien with other opportunities.

Capaldi also refuted reports of a shortened Season 10 over the weekend. “Not as far as I know,” he told BBC News when asked about a season with fewer episodes. “That’s not what I’ve been told. That is not what I’m contracted for.”

“Doctor Who” is typically about 12 episodes per season plus a Christmas special, and Season 10 won’t be any different. Whovians don’t have to worry about seeing less of the Doctor’s adventures, but they will see less of his companion Clara. Actress Jenna Coleman announced that she would leave the role at the end of Season 9, leaving a spot in the TARDIS for a new traveling partner.

“Doctor Who” Season 9 airs Saturdays at 9 p.m. EST on BBC America.