The much-hyped seventh season of "Doctor Who" premiers Saturday night on BBC America. And while fans across the globe are anxiously awaiting the return of Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor in "Asylum of the Daleks," finding a place to watch can be difficult for those without cable - or those who simply want to watch the show as it premiers in Britain.

So where can fans turn to watch the latest Doctor Who as (and sometimes even before) it airs? Luckily for them, several sites set up live streams of the show so that fans can check out the latest episode as it airs, even if they don't have cable or a physical TV.

So where are these live streams? Perhaps the most popular is Tardis Blue, steaming on The community is currently streaming the season seven premier "Asylum of the Daleks," as fans add their commentary in the chatbox.

For many, streaming sites like this are replacing traditional television.

Die-hard television fanbases are moving further and further away from the physical television, as services like Hulu and Netflix become go-to places to catch up on TV. Piracy is also an increasing problem in the television world as well.

Part of the problem stems from the fact that even when TV networks make content available online, it can be inconvenient for many people, especially because content is almost never made available at the same time as it airs on live television.

So, what can fans expect from "Asylum of the Daleks" and season seven of "Doctor Who?" Judging by the trailer below, some pretty amazing moments.

The trailer is full of action, excitement and clues about the exits of companions Amy Pond and Rory Williams, but it's also full of spoilers, so beware.

"So, exactly how much trouble are we in?" asks the Doctor's longtime companion, Rory Williams, at the start of the trailer. If these 90 seconds are any indication, they're in for a lot of it across the upcoming series.

The trailer promises a host of exciting events for the Doctor in the seventh series, most notably (in his own words): "Dinosaurs. On a spaceship." The trailer also showcases a Wild West setting, a cyborg bounty hunter, a planet exploding, and other instances of action and adventure.

Series 7 of the popular science-fiction show is set to introduce a new companion for the doctor after Pond (Karen Gillan) and Williams (Arthur Darvil) leave the show. However, fans may not be too pleased with the way Pond ends up exits.