The Los Angeles Dodgers will likely have a new owner within the next few months, but in the mean time they have retained their starting right-fielder.

Andre Ethier, who has voiced his displeasure with upper-management over the course of his career in Los Angeles, has agreed to a one-year, $10.95 million contract on Monday.

Ethier is coming off a Gold Glove season in 2011, but his numbers were down last season, which was partially due to lingering knee problems. Last season, Ethier had a .292 batting average, but only 11 homers and 62 runs batted in.

The 29-year-old hit 23 homers in 2010, and 31 in 2009. However, he had a 30-game hitting streak early in the 2011 season, and has a good arm and does a solid job patrolling the outfield.

With owner Frank McCourt looking to sell the team, the Dodgers may not have payroll issues in the future. Ethier was looking for a contract extension at the start of the 2011 season but negotiations reportedly broke off early.

The two-time All-Star went public with his frustration with the way the organization treated its players. In August, he also openly discussed that he should have been rested more by new manager Don Mattingly, who said he felt blindsided by the comments.

Ethier might be a vital part of the organization, as the Dodgers have locked superstar centerfielder Matt Kemp to a long-term deal. Kemp bats right, while Ethier bats left, and the duo might be a key part of the middle of the batting order for several years.