The U.S. Energy Department announced on Friday it will provide more than $448 million in Recovery Act funding to expand weatherization programs in thirteen states, and more than $141 million to support energy efficiency and renewable energy projects in six states.

Funds for energy efficiency will be given to projects that include energy audits, building retrofits, education and training efforts, transportation programs to increase the use of alternative fuels and hybrid cars, and financial mechanisms to promote energy efficiency and renewable energy investments.

The rest of the funds for the DOE's weatherization program will be available for low-income families which are eligible for the funds to make their homes more energy efficient to save on overall annual energy bills.

“These awards demonstrate the Obama Administration’s strong commitment to moving quickly as part of the country’s economic recovery -- creating jobs and doing important work for the American people -- while ensuring that taxpayer dollars are spent responsibly, said Secretary Chu in a statement on Friday.

States receiving money for weatherization programs are: Alabama, Idaho, Maine, Missouri, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, Wisconsin, Washington, and Wyoming.

States receiving funds for energy efficiency and renewable energy programs are: Hawaii, Maine, Nebraska, New Mexico, the Northern Mariana Islands and Texas.