While Beyoncé may have one of the most enviable bodies in Hollywood, she's allegedly altering her images on social media to appear thinner. This week, the 33-year-old shared personal photos of herself and her family celebrating her Sept. 4 birthday while on a super yacht, and images of her in a bikini sparked debate. Fans are accusing Beyoncé of using Photoshop on her pictures to create a “thigh gap,” or a space between her upper thighs that's visible even when her knees are together.


In one photo, the singer is walking down a set of stairs, and her thighs aren't touching. When zoomed in, it looks like one of the steps around her upper thigh is tilted upward, causing speculation that her thighs were retouched before the bikini shot was uploaded to Beyoncé’s Tumblr page.


This isn't the first time in recent months that Beyoncé has been accused of photoshopping her pictures. Last month, during a break from her “On the Run” tour with husband Jay Z, she posted a picture of herself relaxing with a glass of wine. But upon closer inspection, her iPhone, which is resting on a table, looks distorted, suggesting she edited the picture around her thighs.

Then in April, Beyoncé shared family vacation photos shot in the Dominican Republic. One Instagram photo shows Beyoncé playing golf, wearing bathing suit bottoms and a crop top. Her thighs didn't appear to touch, again suggesting that she used Photoshop.

In recent months, the “thigh gap" trend has received plenty of attention, with some women saying they feel overweight if their upper thighs touch. Many have tried eating less and even plastic surgery to achieve the gap, according to some reports.