“Teen Mom 2” star Jenelle Evans has attempted to turn her tumultuous life around so she can get custody of her oldest son, 6-year-old Jace. The MTV reality-television star brought fans up-to-date about the custody battle she has to fight with her mother, Barbara Evans, in a new blog post titled, “Overcoming Life Obstacles.”

Evans moved back to North Carolina so she could be closer to Jace. “I was going to wait for it and see how my mom felt about me moving back, hoping and praying I can have my son as well,” she wrote.

Unfortunately, her mother isn’t ready to let Jace go. “I’m going to fight a tough battle between my own mother and me because she will not let me have my son back,” Evans wrote. “I think maybe she’s too attached to him, or maybe she doesn’t want to be alone. I never thought my mother would still put up such a battle with me, knowing I’m sober, knowing my dating life is perfect, and everything has been smooth sailing since I’ve moved back.”

Now, she vows to get Jace back: “Whatever the case may be, I think I’ve waited long enough. I’m hoping within these next couple of months that getting custody of Jace is going to be the biggest accomplishment I’ve ever made in my life, and I cannot wait until that day!”

Evans, now 24, signed over custody of Jace in 2011. “I realized I can’t take care of Jace on my own yet because I can’t even support myself,” Evans said at the time. “I am going to start making changes, but I’m just going to sign over custody because I don’t want to go through [court hearings] just to get the final decision from a judge.”

“Teen Mom 2” will return to MTV March 21.

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