Lance Armstrong's former teammate, Tyler Hamilton appeared on CBS's 60 Minutes and accused the seven time Tour de France winner of doping.

His interview with Scott Pelley opened the flood gates for accusations against Armstrong.

Throughout the interview, there are noticeable facial expressions, pauses, and body movements.

For example, 3 minutes into Part 1 of the video, Pelley asks, For the record, tell me what you saw in terms of what Lance Armstrong took in performance enhancing drugs?

Hamilton's response:

(Turns head, pause) He took wha-what we all took (pause rolls eyes, head moves side to side) really no difference between Lance Armstrong and (shakes head, half-smile, blinks, shrugs) the majority of the know. (Looks down) there was E-P-O, there was (breathes in, blinks) testosterone. Uhhh...and I did see a transfusion, a blood transfusion.

Hamilton's has similarly curious movements in his other responses regarding Armstrong's doping and allegations of a positive test cover-up.

Is Hamilton telling the truth? Does he look honest in the 60 Minutes interview?

See for yourself here in Hamilton's 60 Minutes interview:

Part 1: Click Here

Part 2: Click Here