EUR/USD (1.5008)

European & US sessions forecast levels: 1.4930/1.5090

Trend Sessions: European – Neutral/Upward

US – Neutral/Upward

Market Focus: 8:30 AM Durable Orders, 10:00 AM New Home Sales, 2:00 AM German Import Price Index, German Consumer Confidence, 4:00 AM M3 Money Supply, 10:00 AM Fed Chairman Bernanke Speaks.

Daily Strategy: The dollar fall to any time low against the euro after the break of 1.50 level. The dollar totally collapse and making the world economy unstable. The extremely poor currency makes strong inflation to many countries in the world by the new record of the oil prices. The Consumer Confidence was not the only one reason for the dollar collapse. The fears for Ben Bernanke speaks today, the growth in the Euro Zone and ECB stability of the Euro Zone interest rates push the dollar together with the oil prices to new record low levels against the euro. The crisis in USA is called recession and the dollar will continue to lose everywhere.