FXstreet.com (Córdoba) - The euro fall today more than 150 pips against the dollar, sending the EUR/USD to the lowest level since March 18. Minutes before the end of the trading session, the pair fall to 1.3017. From there rebounded 30 pips to close the week near a resistance zone at 1.3050. The pair moved in a downtrend all day, without making big rallies, but always keeping the same direction.

GBP/USD lost for second day in a row. After reaching 1.5000 on Wednesday, the pair lost ground and momentum. Today low was at 1.4753. During the American session the par recover from early losses, but was unable to break above 1.4800.

USD/CHF rose significantly today, closing at the highest price since March 17. The pair rallied to 1.1690. After that, lost strength and fall finding support at 1.1640.

The yen increase slightly against the dollar without making clear moves. Was one of the few currencies that didn't lose ground to the greenback. The pair has consolidated a resistance at 99.80.

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