Trading the major currencies in a narrow range slant upward against dollar during the Asian to continued yesterday inclines, where dollar index traded during between lowest level at 79.61 and highest level at 79.74, which is trading now at 79.70 levels, today the US energy report and reading of producers prices, which are expected to decline today, which may affect on dollar in the trading today.

Euro against dollar in the Asian trading in a narrow range slant upwards between highest level at 1.3786 and lowest level at 1.3762, which is trading now at 1.3780 levels between 1.3770 levels and 1.3830 levels, and today issued about European economy the revision reading of constructions outputs and employment cost for the 4th quarter, which could affect on the pair in today trading, and momentum indicators of hourly, four hours daily and two days traded, which indicates to traded the pair in buying area, and expected the pair would traded today between 1.3850 levels, which in case breaking it and it could be targeted 1.3920 levels and 1.3645 levels in breaking .

The Sterling against the dollar pairs traded in a narrow slant upward trend between highest rate 1.5244 and lowest rate 1.5207, the pairs are traded now at 1.5217 between 1.5210 and 1.5280, the British economy will release today the statement of the central bank meeting in addition to increases in subsidy rates, which is expected to rise today , and will also read the change in grant requests, which are expected to show reduce growth, the British economy will issue today the ILO unemployment rate for three months, which expected to rise to reach 7.9% which may affect on the pairs in the day trading, momentum indicators to levels at one point to probability of cross negative in areas saturated with the purchase, the expected trades for the pair is between 1.5345 , which in the case of breaking out the pairs it could be targeted level between 1.5390 and 1.5090 of penetration in the case of the pairs at levels 1.5170.

Dollar against the yen during Asian trading among the highest rate at 90.66 and the lowest price at 90.01, the pair now at levels between the levels of 90.58 and 90.15 levels of 90.80, the makers of monetary policy the Bank of Japan have installed on interest rates at their lowest rate at 0.1 % and they also increase the bank's loans to some 20 trillion yen, momentum indicators to levels at one and four hours for the bounce point pair of saturated areas of sales, while they are on the level of daily reflux refers to the husband of saturated areas to procurement, it is expected the pair traded today between the levels of 91.25, which in case of breaking out the pairs may aimed levels 92.15 and 89.70 incase of the pairs break levels 89.35.