Dollar Decline Expected from Current Levels

Thu, 15 Jan 2009 08:10:20 -0500

By Jamie Saettele, Senior Currency Strategist

-euro / dollar support from November breakout level
-USDJPY finds a bottom
-British Pound ready to surge
-AUDUSD and NZDUSD back to .68 and .53



There is very little change to the EURUSD analysis.  The pair is in a large correction of the entire drop from 1.6040.  Specifically, the decline from above 1.47 is wave b in what is either a triangle or flat that began at 1.2327.  Support is strong at the current juncture, which is the confluence of the November 25th high / top side of former trendline resistance.  A wave b low may be in place at 1.3073.  If so, then wave c of B is underway towards 1.40 (if a triangle) or above 1.4723 (if a flat).


There are 5 waves down from 94.67, therefore a correction is expected.  Resistance begins at the 38.2% of 94.67-88.76; at 90.97.  The 50% at 91.67 intersects with the former 4th wave extreme.  Divergence with RSI at the b wave low is additional evidence that a temporary low is in place.


As long as 1.4347 is intact, there is potential for Cable to continue the advance from that level and exceed 1.5378 as part of a large correction of the entire drop from 2.1160.  Recent COT data supports a bullish stance regarding the British Pound.  


The sharp drop from 1.23 is in 5 waves and probably wave A within an A-B-C correction that will end below 1.0367.  The rally from 1.0367 is the B wave of that sequence and likely tests resistance from Fibonacci 1.15, eventually.  Since the advance from 1.0861 is an impulse (5 waves), wave b is considered complete at 1.0861.  Staying above 1.1095 keeps the short term trend bullish. 


Recent strength in the USDCAD suggests that a triangle is unfolding as wave 4.  Triangles unfold in 5 waves (a-b-c-d-e) and wave d is underway now.  There is potential resistance at 1.2520 and 1.2750 going forward.  The best strategy is to wait for wave e to end before attempting a long position (may be at least a week).  Near term, wave d is nearing completion (should end this week).


I wrote yesterday that “the pair appears headed lower in a 5th wave that will end below .6574.  A correction of the decline from .7275, potentially sharp, would then be expected.”  That correction is probably underway now; back to at least .6818. 


The NZDUSD decline extended a bit in its 5th wave but that does not change the call for a bottom and rally.  A return to .5603 is expected.  RSI divergence with recent lows is additional bullish evidence.



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