The U.S Dollar fell against most of its major currency pairs yesterday, hitting its lowest level in nearly a year against the EUR, as gains in stocks and commodities prompted investors to wade into riskier currency trades. By yesterday's close, the USD fell against the EUR, pushing the oft-traded currency pair to 1.4603. The Dollar experienced similar behavior against the GBP and closed at 1.66.99.

The Dollar has fallen every day this week against the EUR and Japanese Yen, and it marked its third straight daily decline against the Pound Sterling yesterday. Analysts attributed the fall in the Dollar, which has been treated as a lower risk, safe-haven investment, to growing optimism that the worst of the financial crisis has passed. This has caused investors to buy commodity-linked and higher-yielding currencies, which rallied earlier this week.

A leading indicator released yesterday was U.S. Unemployment Claims. This number handedly beat last week's result. However, it failed to provide strength to the Dollar as investors may be waiting for key data due to be released today to implement their trading strategies.

Looking ahead to today, the most important economic indicator scheduled to be released from the U.S. is the Import Prices at 12:30 GMT. Traders will be paying close attention to today's announcement as a stronger than expected result may boost the USD in the short-term. Traders are also advised to follow Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner's speech at around 20:45 GMT. This speech is very likely to impact USD volatility. Traders are advised to watch closely, as this is likely to set the pace of the Dollar going into next week's trading.