The single currency fell to trade at eight-month low against the European shared currency ahead of jobless and housing reports from the U.S. that will probably show that continuous suffering of the labor sector and that housing sector's sales slowed over the past month.

The US dollar index, which tracks the performance of the dollar against six-major currencies, traded lower at 12:04 GMT, reaching 78.53, compared with the opening levels of 78.68 while currently, the index is trading at a high of 78.85 and a low of 78.45.

The European shared currency rose against the dollar on debt concerns and rating agencies possible downgrades for Portugal, Spain and other indebted nations that would complicate the debt crises even further.

The euro traded against the dollar at 1.3499, seeking to breach the resistance at 1.3505 which if breached, would support a bullish trend for the pair over Friday's trading, to target the resistance at 1.3660.

The pair opened trading at 1.3472 while setting a high of 1.3514 and a low of 1.3416.

The pound traded close to the opening levels, where the pair is trading at 1.5989, compared with the opening levels of 1.5992. The pair reached the highest at 1.6003 and the lowest at 1.5970.

The pound's trading is calm, where the pair will remain bounded by the support at 1.5966 and the resistance at 1.6058.

As for the dollar's trading against the Japanese yen, the pair rose slightly from the opening levels of 81.98, where it rose to trade at a high of 82.25 while currently it's trading at 82.20.

The pair's trading will remain bounded by the support at 82.00 and the resistance at 82.50.