The Dollar rebounded again during Asian session to control trades at the end of this week's trades, while Japanese economy performs a modification in monetary policy in order to control deflation rates that Japan is witnessing.

USD/JPY pair inclined today during the session recorded high of 81.18 with opening at 80.93 and low fo 80.86, while trade counts less operations while the pair is still under resistance level 81.50.

On the other side, Australia dollar fell noticeably again dollar and major currencies especially after the declining of Gross Domestic Product in China, which reflected the decline of China's growth the world's second largest economy during the first quarter of the year, as China is considered the main trade partner for Australia.

AUD/USD fell from its highest in week, to record the lowest today at 1.0382, opening at 1.0451 with high of 1.0451.