The Dollar rebounded again during the Asian session to control trades at the end of this week's session, as the market remains tensed over the outlook and the BoJ lost the gains on expected easing from the BoJ.

USD/JPY pair inclined today during the session to record a high of 81.18 after opening at 80.93 and low of 80.86.

On the other side, the Australia dollar fell noticeably against the dollar and major currencies especially after the slowing pace of growth in China. The Gross Domestic Product in China, the world's second largest economy, slowed during the first quarter of the year to 8.1%, and China is considered the main trade partner for Australia and the downbeat growth figures pressure aussie negatively.

AUD/USD fell from its highest in a week, to record the lowest today at 1.0382, opening at 1.0451 with high of 1.0451.