The dollar is no longer a refuge for investors as the incline in foreign equities and U.S stock futures speculated spurred hope that the banking crisis worst phase is soon witnessing its end, which encouraged traders to go back to the high-yielding assets; the euro and the pound.

Consequently, the euro-dollar pair is inclining significantly as the euro saw its appeal shining in the currencies market in front of a so far unwanted green currency, observing the Union's currency traded at 1.2763 recording a high of 1.2804 and a low of 1.2615 along with a resistance at 1.2815 and a support at 1.2815. Still, the pair declined at the 30-minutes and the 1-hour as the pair is trading in an over-bought area on these same timing scales through the momentum indicators.

As for the pound-dollar, it started to slightly decline, despite the presence of carry trades due to technical movements, having the royal currency traded so far at 1.3780, recording a high of 1.3838 and a low of 1.3654 with a resistance at 1.3860 and a support detected at 1.3725, knowing that the pair is forecasted to plunge further as it is slipping on most of the timing scales in the momentum indicators.

Now, the dollar-yen is considerably sliding to the downside as the Japanese currency's appeal surpasses the green Benjamin eroded attractiveness, observing the yen traded at 98.21 recording a high 98.81 and a low of 97.94. Moreover, a resistance could be witnessed at the level 98.63 and a support level at 97.7.