The U.S. dollar regained some strength against major currencies in light of the pessimism that dominated the financial markets in trading today as fears spread in global markets about Greece's ability to meet its obligations and repay its debt, which is still the possibility of failure of Greece to pay the debt exists.

Now the Dollar Index, which measures the performance of the dollar against six major currencies including the euro and the Japanese yen and the pound sterling slightly, currently trading at levels of 77.33 since the opening of trading at levels of 77.48, its highest level during the day at 77.78 and achieving its lowest level during the day at 77.08.

levels of 86.52 dollars U.S. a barrel.

Accordingly so far there is a rising EUR / USD, with reference to the levels of the opening which now amount to 1.3582 dollars, has made the pair the highest level at 1.3694 dollars during the day, while has the lowest at 1.3495 dollars, with the knowledge that her husband had risen to currently trades at 1.3650 dollars , knowing that the husband is now trying to below the level of 1.3665 dollars, and if the pair continued trading below this level the next support level would be at 1.3600 dollars, whereas if it succeeded in the stability of the pair above the 1.3665 level, it will target resistance at 1.3840.

As for the GBP / USD has fallen during the day, where the pair began trading today at 1.5854 dollars, the pair has achieved its highest level at 1.5886 dollars during the day, while has the lowest at U.S. $ 1.5773, while the pair is trading currently at U.S. $ 1.5826, with noted that the pair is currently trading under the resistance level at 1.6000 dollars, and thus missed the next target is the level of support at 1.5780 dollars, while the penetration resistance level at 1.6000 the pair will lead to levels of resistance at 1.6075 dollars.

Turning to the pair of U.S. - Japanese Yen has fallen pair during the trading session today, where the husband had started trading at 77.47 yen, has made the pair the highest level at 77.58 yen during the day, while its lowest at 76.74 yen, while Currently the pair is trading at 77.19 yen, so the trading pair remains confined between the levels of resistance at 78.80 and levels of support at 76.95.