FXstreet.com (Córdoba) - The Dollar is highly volatile in the last hour. Greenback is now at the same levels it had before the FED's decision. EUR/USD is back above 1.4200 and near intra-day high. The pair fell after the release to 1. 4122. From there the pair started to recover and jumped to 1.4235, recovering form all the losses.

According to Nick Nasad, from CMS Forex: The dollar is going to have problems ahead, especially as the global economy continues to recover. We saw how the greenback got a lot of strength as a safe haven, and the need to find that safe haven, in say US Treasuries is dwindling. a scenario in which Euro-zone growth is showing signs of recovery could push the pair higher. the rally since March suggests the 1.47 level can be tested, but our moves in June and July have been rather labored.