Following an upbeat trading day Wednesday on the U.S. stock market, the Dollar slid against its major counterparts for the first time since last Friday's unemployment figures. The Dollar Index dropped to 76.043 from 76.236 as investors began to speculate whether rumors of an impending hike in U.S. interest rates may have been slightly premature. The increase in stocks led to significant gains for the Euro, which was trading above the 1.4730 mark earlier. While the Dollar may have had a rough day in trading, there are several news events on Thursday that promise to create some volatility in the market.

Set to be released at 13:30 GMT, the weekly U.S. unemployment claims report will be a telling statistic as to whether last weeks report was merely a fluke, or the American job market is really improving. If the number comes in at or around the forecasted 463K, the Dollar may make some gains, as the number is roughly the same as last weeks'. If the figure comes in at a significantly higher number, the Dollar could be pushed further down as this would signal the American economy is still not on stable ground.