FXstreet.com (Barcelona) - Business activity in the U.S. non manufacturing sector expanded in September, against market expectations of standstill. The Dollar seems favoured right after ISM data was released.

Non manufacturing PMI rose to 50.9 in September from 48.8 in August, beating experts' expectations of a reading around 50.0. New orders' index rose to 54.2 in September from 49.9 in August, while the employment index continued contracting, although at a slower pace than in August 44.3 vs 43.5.

EUR/USD, which had bounced from session low at 1.4590 to 1.4625, is dropping back to levels around 1.4600 after ISM fighres. The GBP/USD, which bounced from 1.5905 to 1.5965, has dropped back to levels around 1.5925 post ISM. USD/JPY has picked up from 89.55 to levels around 89.70.