Asian session witnessed today a slight fell in dollar levels against major currencies after the significant raise in Fed's currency during the last two days regarding the American feds' meeting.

Japanese Yen inclined against dollar to be near the highest in two days, where the Pair USD/JPY recorded the lowest at 82.21 with high of 82.44.

Australian dollar pause its decline series to be traded near its lowest level in two months after the disappointed data that issued by the Australian economy about Trade balance deficit for the second straight month which increase the possibility of raising the interest rate in the central bank in order to support the growth during the weakness of Australian exports.

The pair AUD/USD reached 1.0289 which considered the highest level today, with low of 1.0253 at the beginning of the session.

NZD/USD pair slightly inclined today to recorded high of 0.8165 and low at 0.8147 .