The dollar surrendered some of the strong gains this morning in Asia against its major rivals after the significant gains recorded for the federal currency during the last two days after the FOMC minutes.

The Japanese yen inclined against dollar to trade near the highest in two days, where the USD/JPY recorded the lowest at 82.21 and the high of 82.44.

As for the Australian dollar, it halted the decline to trade near its lowest level in two months after the disappointing data from the Australian economy that reported a trade deficit for the second straight month which increase the possibility of cutting interest rates to support growth.

The AUD/USD reached 1.0289 the highest level today, and recorded the low of 1.0253 at the beginning of the session.

As for kiwi it also moved slightly higher in line with the market correction as the NZD/USD pair slightly inclined today to recorded high of 0.8165 and low at 0.8147.