Crude oil prices were seen falling yesterday but were able to regroup and finish the day even as the dollar rose against the EUR. Prices fell to a low of $72.87 from $74.79 yesterday as the dollar rose against the EUR 0.9%. Crude prices have typically moved in the opposite direction of the dollar's movement. While this proved to be a positive for crude oil prices during times of dollar weakening, the dollar's recent bullish run could put a dent in crude oil's price appreciation.

As economic sentiment improves in the U.S., crude traders may feel the pinch of a stronger dollar. This is natural as the price of crude oil is denominated in U.S. dollars. A rising dollar makes crude prices more expensive and less attractive. A rise in U.S. interest rates would also be a negative for crude oil. With these factors, we could see crude oil drop back down to a fair value of $70.