The green Benjamin saw its refuge appeal boosted up since that overall economic conditions of the world's leading economy has lost strength this past period as attested by the Fed and its Chairman whom actually believes that growth will only pick up within the country by the second half of this year due the ongoing deterioration of the labor market, the past temporary inclined inflation and disrupted Japanese supplies.

As a result the euro-dollar pair is plunging on several time charts as witnessed throughout the momentum indicators at different time scales with the Union currency now trading around 1.4571 recording a high of 1.4693 and a low of 1.4567.Trading range for today is among the major support 1.4235 and the major resistance 1.4545

As for the pound-dollar pair, is plummeting but is forecasted to start inclining to the upside according to the four-hour and one-hour stochastic oscillator, having in fact the royal pound so far trading around 1.6385 recording a high of 1.64483 and a low of 1.63471.

Trading range for today is among the major support 1.6125 and the major resistance 1.6520

Now turning to the dollar-yen pair, it is actually slightly inclining on technical movements since that mixed signs are watched and seen throughout several time charts within the momentum indicators with the low-yielding yen now trading around 79.95 recording a high of 80.27 and a low of 79.69.

The trading range for today is among the major support 79.00 and the major resistance 82.50.