The green currency cut its earlier advance against majors after the release of downbeat U.S. jobless claims report, while U.S. leading indicator report did not impact the dollar's movements. The dollar index, a gauge of the dollar's movements versus a basket of major currencies, is currently at 78.55 after reaching a high of 78.80.

With regard to the euro-dollar pair, it declined on the daily charts for the third day after the slowdown in European manufacturing and services in January. The pair is continuing its bearish pattern that started in December, hitting the lowest in five months versus the dollar, after the breakout of 1.4215 level yesterday. Meanwhile, the pair is traded at 1.4049 after reaching a high of 1.4136 and a low of 1.4026, where the coming support is seen at 1.4000 and next resistance is at 1.4100.

As for the sterling-dollar pair, it is showing a decline on the daily charts, but it minimized losses after hitting a low of 1.6123. The pound fell against the dollar after the budget deficit in the U.K. swelled to the highest since records began in 1993. Currently, the pair is traded at 1.6193 after reaching a high of 1.6310, while the coming support for the pair is seen at 1.6100 and the resistance is spotted at 1.62.

Relative to the dollar-yen pair, it retraced its earlier gains due to pressure from 4-hour and 1-hour charts that are declining sharply. The pair retreated from a high of 91.87 as it could not stay long above strong resistance at 91.65. Now, the pair is traded at 91.30 recording a low of 91.17, while it is currently facing the coming support level at 90.90, while the resistance is spotted at 92.35 then 91.85.