FXstreet.com (Buenos Aires) - After FED announce that they will slow the pace of treasuries purchases, finishing by the ends of October, offering some positive news for dollar, greenback rose against major rivals thus the after stating rates will stay exceptionally low for an extended period traders abandon the idea of rates differentials and run back to high yielding currencies in a strong rise of risk appetite.

Dollar will likely remain under pressure during Asian session, as stocks will likely follow Wall Street strong rise and trigger more optimism across the board. China stock market will be key, as after yesterday's sharp drop, a recovery today will signal further dollar selling. Japanese yen is also set to fall during next hours, thus a strong earthquake magnitude 6.5 hit Hachijojima, Japan a couple of minutes ago; if the country suffered enough damage, Japanese yen could quickly appreciate as companies will have to repatriate founds to cover losses.