FXstreet.com (Córdoba) - US stocks end lower today hit by flu fears. Dow Jones fell 51 points to 8,025 points (-0.6%), Nasdaq 15 to 1,679. These fears strengthen US dollar and Japanese yen both gain in the session across the board.

EUR/USD fell 1.71% losing half of last week gains. The pair stopped the downside rally at 1.3000 which now is supporting the euro. GBP/USD also fell but only 0.25%. Cable performed well today appreciating strong against the euro. EUR/GBP lost 1.50% today. The euro was among the worst currencies of the day.

Yen moves in a downtrend against European currencies

GBP/JPY reached today a new month low at 140.12. Now is traded at 141.32 after rebounding from today lows. The pair is moving in a down trend in four-hour chart. At 142.00 the pair has the next resistance.

EUR/JPY fell today more than 1.82% reaching the lowest price since March 13. Today marked the end of a recovery that the pair started last Wednesday and broke below support zone at 126.00 to 125.65.

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