FXstreet.com (Buenos Aires) - Dollar opens stronger early Asia, following past Friday risk aversion rally, driven by falling stock and some negative data along the week. EUR/USD opens the week at 1.4180 while GBP/USD gapped to.16585 after regaining the 1.6500. EUR/USD remains supported by strong 1.4150 area, while GBP/USD key support lies at 1.6440, ascendant trend line coming from March lows.

Dollar trend will likely depend on economic data, not only of the U.S.: if data around the world continues to fuel optimism over economic growth, risk appetite will continue supporting higher-yielding currencies against safe havens dollar and yen.

Yen crosses remain under pressure with USD/JPY quoting around 94.64, GBP/JPY at 156.20 and EUR/JPY at 134.25. Gapping to the downside with the opening, expect some short upside correction, thus bearish trend remains strong between yen crosses. Expect USD/JPY to remain capped under 95.00. Clear break above that level, could trigger some longer upside corrections.