It appears Dolly Parton has been keeping a little secret tucked away in her cleavage. At the premiere of her new film, the legendary country singer leaned forward to reveal a tattoo of a small red flower, buried between her apparent 40-DD cleavage.

PHOTO: Twitter 

That's not the only thing the 65-year-old exposed. According to the New York Post, she wants to sing in a duet with Lady Gaga in the future.

Parton appeared at the premiere of her new film, Joyful Noise, wearing a figure hugging white dress with a low V-neck cut.  She wore a huge diamond crucifix to accessorize her dress.

The flower tattoo that appears in her cleavage is apparently new, according to the New York Post.  But the singer is yet to offer her own explanation about the tattoo.

Meanwhile, Patron has been very open about artificial enhancements she has had done to her body during her career. I've been at this so long that people have watched me grow up, and they've watched me grow old and they've watched me do everything in-between, said Parton. I'm out there for the people. I love the public. And I don't think I have to hide anything from them, Patron told Ann Curry on TODAY.

According to Patron's co-star Queen Latifah, the singer once told her that she would wear high heels both in a high chair as well as a wheel chair.

Patron is doing the rounds of promoting her new film with Latifah. In Joyful Sound, the duo plays the role of two gospel singers who are constantly reaping havoc and getting in big arguments.  

Anything to do with the music is very uplifting, especially gospel music, Parton explained on Today. So I think people are responding to music these days because we want our souls to resonate, we really feel like we need to be lifted up, and this movie does that.