DoMark International, Inc. announced that it has completed the acquisition of Motivation Advantage, Inc., a corporate travel incentive company. According to the press release, the company’s 2008 unaudited revenue was $1,196,000 with net income of $411,000. However, DoMark reminded investors that no assurance can be given that similar results will be achieved in the future.

R. Thomas Kidd, Chief Executive Officer of DoMark International, Inc., stated, “I am excited that Motivation Advantage, Inc. has now become part of the DoMark family of companies and I look forward to working with Suzanne Winfield, CEO of Motivation Advantage, in leveraging their corporate travel incentive promotions across our other operating businesses and continuing with the next phase of growth for the company.”

Suzanne Winfield, CEO and Founder of Motivation Advantage, Inc., commented, “Motivation Advantage is proud to be a part of the DoMark family of companies. This will be a year of excitement and growth. Motivation Advantage will continue to provide the highest quality products and service on which we have built our reputation. We look forward to serving our new and existing clients in a way that is unmatched in the industry.”