The dollar we see today is tumbling versus major currencies, as a result of the Federal Reserve Bank Vice Chairman Donald Kohn saying that benchmark rates will remain unchanged at their lowest for an extended period, which in role weighed heavily on the dollar. Also, as Intel Corp.'s announced its forecasted revenues that surpassed market expectations increased risk appetite pushing investors towards higher yielding assets.

The euro is surging versus the dollar as investors are currently filled with optimism, which means that they have more confidence in trading within higher yielding currencies,which supports the euro in markets causing it to incline. The EUR/USD is being traded at 1.4902 between the support of 1.4829 and the resistance of 1.4914, while recording a high of 1.4912 and a low of 1.4837. The momentum indicators on the one-hour charts are showing us that the pair is trading in an overbought area.

Turning to the pound, we see that it has also climbed against the federal currency, while the United Kingdom released its unemployment rates showing that they remained steady at 7.9%. The GBP/USD is being traded at 1.5979 between the support of 1.5940 and the resistance of 1.6041, while recording a high of 1.6024 and a low of 1.5900. Momentum indicators are also showing that the pair is being traded in an overbought area on the one-hour chart .

Today, the yen gained some momentum versus the dollar, as a result of Japan releasing its producer prices showing that they fell, while the Bank of Japan today left interest rates unchanged at 0.1%. The USD/JPY is being traded at 89.15, while recording a high of 89.88 and a low of 88.82. For the pair we see there is a support at 88.70 and a resistance of 89.70.