Domino’s Pizza apologized on Facebook for making the “best pizza ever!,” giving the weird response after Jeaneth Manzaniita Tavares tried to compliment the pizza chain.

“Best Pizza Ever! Pan Pizza J Keep up the good work guys!” Tavares wrote Wednesday.

Just moments later, Domino’s reply suggested that consuming great pizza is an unfortunate event.

“So sorry about that!” read the automated reply on Domino’s Facebook page. “Please share some additional information with us at and please mention reference # 1409193 so we can have this addressed.”

That sort of reply is usually reserved for when Domino’s customers complain about service, or the pizza itself.

The apology for a compliment had many on the Internet pointing their fingers and laughing at Domino’s. The Consumerist wrote about the mistake, using the headline, “Domino’s Pizza Is So Used To Complaints, It Can’t Take A Compliment.”

Gawker’s take on the story suggested that maybe Domino’s auto-reply Facebook messaging system “has [a] very fine-tuned sarcasm detector.”

Domino’s Pizza took the mistake in stride with a dose of humor, saying that the chain was truly sorry – that Jeaneth didn’t eat the best pizza ever much sooner in her life.

“No, we meant we were sorry it took Jeaneth so long to enjoy the best pizza ever. Think of all the pizza she's likely had that wasn't the best ever!” the company said. “Yeah, that's it....  Thanks so much for the kind words, Jeaneth.”