Republican candidates taking part in the second GOP "happy hour" debate boldly targeted current front-runner Donald Trump Wednesday night as they struggled to win over America. Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal urged his fellow candidates to "stop treating Trump like a Republican" and firmly stood by statements he had made calling Trump an "egomaniac."

Jindal was not the only candidate in the early debate who expressed a distaste for Trump. New York Gov. George Pataki said Trump was unfit to be president. In the past week, Pataki has engaged in a Twitter war with Trump.

Jindal first alluded to Trump in his opening statements when he said that he might not have a famous last name or a reality TV show. In recent weeks, Jindal's campaigning efforts have been largely focused on Trump. He recently targeted the billionaire in a web video that mocked Trump’s descriptions of his knowledge of foreign policy.

"Like all narcissists, Trump is insecure, weak and afraid of being exposed. That's why he's constantly telling us how big and rich and great he is, and how insignificant everyone else is," Jindal wrote in a commentary published by CNN Tuesday. "Conservatives need to say what we are thinking: Donald Trump is a madman who must be stopped. Failure to speak out against Trump is an endorsement of Clinton."



Republican candidates who had registered at least 1 percent in three national polls appeared in the debate from 6 p.m. to 7:45 p.m EDT, prior to the prime-time event featuring the 11 top-tier candidates. The other GOP candidates that appeared in the “happy hour” debate were former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum and U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina.