During his now-viral "Make Donald Drumpf Again" video, HBO's "Last Week Tonight" host John Oliver said he was trying to stop Donald Trump's rise in the Republican Party. Now the comedian is going after the front-runner on his show for the second straight week. 

On Sunday's episode of "Last Week Tonight," Oliver again criticized Trump in a segment recapping recent developments in the race. "We begin with the U.S. election," said Oliver, "or, as you may know it, the clown-town, f--- the world, s--- show 2016."

The comedian first weighed in on the Trump "small hands" controversy. On the Feb. 28 episode of "Last Week Tonight," Oliver dug up a decades-old article in Spy magazine that claimed the businessman had undersized hands, a claim Oliver said Trump still disputes to this day. Whether he got the idea from Oliver or some other source, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio adopted the insult for his recent campaign stump speeches.

After Rubio spoke of Trump's purported small hands for a crude anatomic reference, Trump turned it against him during the March 3 Republican debate in Detroit. Trump held up his arms and said, “Look at my hands. Are they small?” He then said Rubio implied if his hands were small, “then something else must be small. I guarantee you there’s no problem."

On "Last Week Tonight," Oliver marveled at the idea that a candidate for president of the United States would be defending his penis size.

“That’s right,” Oliver joked, “Donald Trump just talked about his d--- during a presidential debate! A d--- which I presume looks like a Cheeto with the cheese dust rubbed off."

Oliver went on to mock the Republican establishment's gambit of rolling out Mitt Romney to criticize Trump, referring to the 2012 nominee as "the whitest of white blood cells." He also pointed out the contradiction of Republican leaders claiming Trump did not represent their party as he continues to lead in primaries and delegates won. 

Watch John Oliver's recap of the 2016 presidential race below:

As it stands, Donald Trump leads all GOP candidates in the field with 382 delegates. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is in second with 300, followed by Rubio with 128 delegates and Ohio Gov. John Kasich with 35. Trump scored wins in Louisiana and Kentucky on Super Saturday, while Cruz won Kansas and Maine, narrowing Trump's lead.