It's that time of the election cycle. "Saturday Night Live" is about to take on the presidential debate.

"SNL" timed the launch of its 42nd season for the weekend after the first Hillary Clinton-Donald Trump debate knowing how much excitement there would be to see how the long-running NBC sketch comedy series would lampoon the historic clash. After all, "Saturday Night Live" lives for election years and Tina Fey's viral impersonation of 2008 GOP vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin is still credited with damaging the GOP ticket that year. 

There will be a change to how "SNL" covers Trump on Saturday. Darrell Hammond, a former cast member who has been tasked with impersonating Trump since 1999 will not be the man behind the podium for Saturday's highly anticipated sketch. Instead, "30 Rock" star Alec Baldwin will do his best to capture the GOP nominee's essence while sparring with Emmy-winner Kate McKinnon's Hillary Clinton. 

How will Baldwin fare? Well, he has a lot of material to study. Here is a recap of every time Trump has been impersonated on "SNL" to date:

The Reform Party 

In 1999, it seemed inconceivable Trump would go on to become the actual nominee for the Republican party, but his political ambitions were already on the "SNL" writers' radar. In this sketch, businessman Ross Perot (Cheri Oteri) interviews Pat Buchanan (Chris Parnell) and Trump (Hammond) to determine who will be the next leader of the Reform Party. Hammond's Trump brags about the undocumented immigrants working at his casinos. 

"The Apprentice"

Hammond did not reprise his Trump impersonation for another five years, but in January 2004 Trump launched "The Apprentice" on NBC and "SNL" could not help but mock the real estate mogul's foray into reality television. In the sketch, Trump gives NBC a little bit of business advice. 

Weekend Update

Just one week after Hammond's "Apprentice" spoof, he brought Trump back to pay a visit to the "Weekend Update" desk. Anchor Jimmy Fallon spars with Trump over child molestation charges and the success of "The Apprentice."

Trump vs. Trump

In April 2004, Hammond's Trump got to meet the real thing. In the "The Prince & the Pauper," Trump wants to trade places with a janitor, played by the real Donald Trump. The sketch pokes fun at Trump's famous ego and the future GOP nominee is a good sport. 

'The Apprentice' Promos

Throughout the early years of "The Apprentice," Hammond regularly donned his orange Trump wig to record parody promos for holiday-themed "Apprentice" special. In a Halloween 2004 promo for a Halloween episode of "The Apprentice," Hammond's Trump promises that the promo, not the episode itself, will get the "highest ratings ever in the history of television." Hammond also recorded a Christmas edition.

Trump's Family

Melania Trump is a household name thanks to Trump's presidential bid, but in February 2005 Trump just had just met his new wife. In this sketch, Hammond's Trump introduces Melania, played by Paris Hilton, to his children (Fred Armisen, Maya Rudolph, Seth Meyers). The kids all speak in the same Trumpian voice and use the same awkward gestures as their father.


In this sketch from May 2005, Hammond's Trump, dressed in a giant pizza suit, is the star of a Domino's Pizza ad. But the stubborn businessman has his own opinions about how the ad should go, including how to say the name of the company — "Dom-in-ios."

"Days of Our Lives"

"SNL" did not just put Trump in pizza commercials, Hammond has also played the businessman in a soap opera. In this October 2005 sketch, Trump, played by Hammond, shoots a cameo appearance on "Days of Our Lives," but makes things difficult for the director, played by Meyers, when he delivers his lines with a bad Italian accent and makes other custom improvements to the show. 

Merry Christmas From The Donald

Hammond is not the star of this sketch, but he steals the show. For this 2005 holiday episode, the NBC Peacock Singers and hosts Harry Connick Jr., played by Jason Sudeikis, and Megan Mullally, played by Kristen Wiig, and Al Roker, played Kenan Thompson, sing secular holiday songs for the re-lighting of the Rockefeller Center tree. But when Hammond's Trump shows up, he does not quite grasp the secular part. 

Trump Press Conference

Trump's feud with comedian Rosie O'Donnell was reignited during Monday's presidential debate, but the bad blood goes back nearly a decade. In this sketch from January 2007, Hammond's Trump says he'll take the high road during a press conference for "The Apprentice," but then he turns every reporter's question into a chance to demean and insult O'Donnell. 

2012 Election

Back in 2012, "SNL" probably had no idea how soon this sketch would become a reality. The mock debate pits a few 2012 GOP-nominee hopefuls against each other including Sudeikis' Mitt Romney, Fey's Palin, and, of course, Hammond's Trump. 

Donald Trump Hosts

While Trump had only made cameos on "SNL," he ended up hosting the program in December 2015. The decision was greeted with plenty of backlash due to his many inflammatory comments on the campaign trail. Overall, the episode received mix reviews despite Trump mostly being a good sport.

Watch Trump's monologue below:

GOP Primary Debates

The wild and unpredictable 2016 Republican primary debates were, of course, mocked relentlessly on "SNL." Hammond made his return after leaving the show years before to reprise his impersonation alongside the like's of Jay Pharoah's Ben Carson and Taran Killam's Ted Cruz.

Trump Meets The Church Lady

Trump has insulted a whole lot of people over the course of the 2016 election and perhaps there was only one person who could put Trump in his place. In May, Dana Carvey returned to "SNL" and revived his Church Lady character to teach Hammond's Trump some manners. 

Trump And Chris Christie

It was a big surprise when, after much criticism during the primaries, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie came out and endorsed Trump for president. "SNL" had a field day with the unlikely pairing, mocking rumors that Christie would do whatever Trump asked in exchange for a position of power in Trump's potential administration.