Donald Trump has some strong words for Apple. The GOP candidate made it very clear that he’ll force the iPhone-maker to build devices in the U.S.

While speaking at the Liberty University yesterday about outsourcing, Trump apparently said if he’s elected as the president, legislation will be passed to make Apple manufacture its products in the U.S.

“We’re going to get Apple to build their damn computers in this country instead of other countries,” Trump declared. Right now, as we know, the tech giant gets the devices assembled from China via Foxconn and others.

The GOP candidate went on to say, he will impose a substantial 35 percent tax on any firm manufacturing or assembling goods outside the U.S, forgetting the free market policy.

By making companies manufacture products in the U.S., there is no doubt that it would help in creating a lot of jobs here. This also means the inhuman working conditions endured time and again by Chinese employees that work round the clock to assemble Apple products can avoided. The labor laws in the U.S. will make sure the workers have a decent work-life balance. This move will also turn out to be a direct source of growth to the American economy, Phone Arena reported.

However, technically, presidents do not enjoy the power to stop any company from outsourcing to emerging markets and do not have the ability to completely revamp the global economy like Trump claims to be, Gizmodo reported.

In any case, presidents have the authority to pass “legislations designed to prevent outsourcing.” This also means Trump may have to rewrite the free trade policy to make Apple build its iPhones here and yet, make it financially advantageous for the tech giant.

Here, readers can check out the 2 hours+ video to listen to what Trump had to say about outsourcing and more: (Credit: YouTube/Washington Post)