A huge number of websites has beeen attack using the power of SQL injection techniques. More than 100,000 thousand websites were wipe out last Sunday after a hacker apparently managed to exploit one of the largest Internet Provider.

UK-based ISP VAServ has stated that around 100,000 websites had been damaged. Report says that a hacker who until now hasn’t yet recognized used SQL injection to exploit the virtualization software called HyperVM in order to gain access to the servers.

The Register quoted Vaserv’s director Rus Foster says that the hackers had the capability to execute sensitive and critical Unix commands on the system such as ‘rm –rf' that used to delete files from a filesystem.

According to VAServ they've been working tirelessly through the night to bring the support ticket queue down from over 600 support tickets to a much more manageable amount and continues to do so now as well as provisioning the new servers they're continuing to work through the individual support requests as quickly as they can.

After the hacking incidents, the developer of HyperVM, KT Ligesh, committed suicides by hanging himself.