width=245The majority of personal successes in life are usually accomplished only after the individual determines to not give up when they experience failures, mistakes, loses, or challenges. Never forget that success requires persistence, accomplishment accompanies perspiration, and dreams realized entail consistent effort. Rarely is success an event - it often is many small events and efforts occasionally interrupted by set-backs and temporary defeats. The victory is won, dreams are realized, goals are achieved, potential is reached, and success is obtained only by those who do not become discouraged by the necessary and inevitable failures that lie along the path of success. It is these failures, road blocks, and challenges that cause others to quit and the successful individual to persevere.

The Japanese proverb of 'fall seven times, stand up eight' should not be interpreted to suggest that the victory and success will be realized on the eighth time you get up after you fall (or fail). This is the great secret that all successful people can agree on - that in pursuit of their goal and dream, not only did they fall and fail several times, but they also never knew whether or not success was around the next corner. But they continued to get up, they consistently persisted, and they always hoped and put in the effort necessary that around the next bend the prize would be realized - and if it wasn't, they kept going!

Never give up on your dreams! Never give in to the voices of fear and doubt that scream in all of our minds. Never fall victim to the dominant culture of being average and the ease of mediocrity. Never forget that success requires not only effort, but continual effort. Always remember that those individuals who have realized their goals and dreams and accomplished success in life originally started in the same situation you are in - they didn't have the time or knowledge, most did not have any money, they too had others doubt and criticize them, they had to start at the bottom and work their way up, they likewise feared failure, and they certainly were tempted to quit MANY times along the journey. But they never gave up! It is these people who epitomize that desire, belief, effort, and persistence are far more important in accomplishing their goals than any amount of knowledge, talent, ability, or even money. They achieved success because they refused to quit