On Doomsday, May 21, Apple has its order status web page down to update the systems. Could it be the dawning of a new time? 

Following We'll be back soon, the order page tells the customers can visit the online order status starting from Sunday, May 22nd.

As the new retail store will be open tomorrow, we can check whether the circulating rumor is true--the unveiling of the build-to-order function to Apple Store iOS app.

The revamped app, which is said to debut on Sunday, will support the complete range of customer configuration options available on Apple's website in ordering Macs. Customers can customize the full range of processor, memory, hard drive, and other hardware options, as well as selecting add-ons, according to MacRumors. The new app will enable its users to order any combination of processors from anywhere at any time.  

The new app could also be used in stores. When app-equipped users walk into an Apple store, the app will detect which store they are in and offer options such as making a Genius Bar appointment or speaking with a specialist.

Apple Store has just celebrated its 10th birthday on May 19, 2011. Happy belated!