Success comes to those who know their potential and also know to utilize their competencies and capabilities in the exact right direction. Difference is made by the exceptional managerial skills; these make an individual a successful manager. One can easily become a manager but becoming successful is very important and most important is to maintain the achievement.

It has been greed that there are three essential skills or competencies which a manager must incorporate. These skills make him/her fit in any kind of organization and these skills make them capable enough to make a stand in any situation in any organization. These are:

  1. Technical skills
  2. Conceptual skills
  3. Humanitarian skills

The knowledge and application of these skills play an important role in identifying potential of a manager in a particular organization. These skills help a manager to leave no stone unturned when it comes to management of an organization. Detailed understanding of these skills is what that leads to fruitful results.

1. Technical skills:

Great knowledge of technical know-how makes a manager successful. Technical skills involve the modus operandi knowledge and proficiency demanded by a particular job. Such skills need specialized knowledge in respective fields, such as engineering, computers, accounting, or manufacturing. The technical skill involves the manager's understanding of the nature of job that people under him have to perform. These skills help a manager to know and have better insight into technicalities of his job. It refers to a person's knowledge and proficiency. For instance in a marketing department, a manager must know and must comprehend the technicalities of sales and marketing.

2. Conceptual Skills:

If a manager is capable enough to conceptualization ideas, I bet he/she will be successful. Conceptual skills refer to the conceptualization the organization and its environment as a whole. These skills help a manager to become capable of making visionary roads for his organization. Conceptual skills bless a manager to think in abstract, to analyze the forces responsible for a situation, to create environment of growth, to innovate and ultimately to manage changes and other contingencies arising out of dynamic environment. Conceptual-skill has to do with ideas, thoughts and dreams. Acquisition of these skills enables Managers to understand abstract relationships, develop ideas and to solve problems creatively. By means of these skills, managers must be able to perceive the organization as a whole. They have to understand the relationships among each unit of organization and will also have to visualize how organization can fits into its border environment.

3.Humanitarian Skills:

The one who is able to make and maintain healthy relations with members of his/her organization will undoubtedly be successful. Humanitarian skills involve the ability to interact effectively with members of organization. These skills teach a manager to understand the value of making and maintaining healthy and hearty relations with people of his/her organization. Since managers deal directly with people, this skill is crucial. Managers with good human skills are able to get best out of their people. They know how to communicate, motivate, lead, and inspire his people. The understanding of these skills help managers to recognize and respect feelings, sentiments of others, to judge the possible reactions and outcomes of his/her courses of action, and to examine the worth and importance of human resources.

Exceptional knowledge of these skills makes a manager successful as he/she becomes the knower of facts operating in an organization.