U.S. stocks rose Friday, marking the third straight week of market gains, as investors warily watch continuing unrest in the Middle East and North Africa, along with the start of a two-day meeting of G20 finance ministers and central bankers in Paris.

The Dow gained 73.11 points, or 0.59 percent, to 12,391.25. The S&P 500 index edged up 2.58 points, or 0.19 percent, to 1,343.01 ; and the Nasdaq Composite climbed 2.37 points, or 0.08 percent, to 2,833.97.
Intuit (Nasdaq: INTU) soared 7.28 percent on better-than-expected earnings guidance.

Crude oil futures fell slightly, despite rising violence in the Middle East.

Gold futures rose.

Bonds fell as the yield on benchmark 10-year U.S. Treasury edged up to 3.59 percent.