The Downey Police Department is trying to figure out the motive in the deadly shooting that killed three family members and wounded two others yesterday.

"Obviously, there's a reason why this happened, we're just trying to figure what that is," Downey Police Lt. Dean Milligan told the Los Angeles Times. "It's not a random act of violence."

Downey, Calif., is about 13 miles southeast of Los Angeles.

The gunman, who was not yet been captured, opened fire Wednesday inside United States Fire Protection Services, a family-owned Downey fire extinguisher company and a nearby residence.

The names of the victims of the Downey shooting were not released by the Los Angeles County Coroner’s office, but they described the dead as a Hispanic man in his 20s and two Hispanic women in their 30s, the Los Angeles Daily News reported. The coroner’s office said the three victims were related.

Shots were fired around 11 a.m. local time Wednesday and police shortly received a 911 call about the incident. Authorities received another 911 call just minutes later about shots fired at a home where the family lives, according to the Daily News.

It’s unclear whether a disgruntled worker fired the shots after Downey police said they did not receive any reports of problems at the fire extinguisher company, the Times reported.

Two of the victims, one man and one woman, were discovered dead at the business, while another woman was found dead at the home.

The Downey shooting also wounded two others, who were in critical but stable condition at area hospitals, according to the Daily News.

While police don’t have any suspects in the Downey shooting, they are searching for a 30-year-old black man whom they believe is driving a carjacked 2010 black Chevy Camaro with the license plate 6LEA010. Police said the man fled in the car following the shooting.

As authorities investigated the shooting, a crowd was drawn to the police tape set up to secure the crime scene.

"I came here as soon as I heard," an ex-employee of the fire extinguisher company told the Times. "The family seemed like good people. I'm just wondering what happened."

Blanca Parker, the co-owner of a nearby business, said there was never any trouble at United States Fire Protection Services.

"I'm at a loss for words” over the shooting, she told the Times.

At the crime scene by the home, mourners placed flowers to express their condolences.

"This is absolutely tragic," Downey resident Suzanne Blevins told the Daily News. "We now have six kids without moms,” she said, indicating that the two women killed had six children between them.

Although a motive for the shooting is unclear, the Daily News reported that a rumor in Downey is spreading that a disgruntled employee at a nearby Coca-Cola plant was responsible for the violence.

The Coca-Cola plant is down the street from the fire extinguisher company, although it’s unclear why an employee would target another business.

The plant has surveillance footage that police plan to review as they investigate the shooting, according to the Times.

Downey police officers declined to address the rumor, the Daily News reported.