How often do you come across a video on YouTube and want to save it to your device for later viewing? For iPhone or iPadjailbreakers, we already have hacks such as MxTube and YourTube that empowers your device to download YouTube videos directly. But the catch is you need to jailbreak your iPhone.

So for non-jailbroken iPhone owner, how can you download your favorite YouTube videos? If you're looking for a solution, TagDisk is your answer.

How To Download YouTube Video with TagDisk

TagDisk offers a download manager for saving YouTube videos onto your device. TagDisk is available in both free and paid version. Here I'll use thefree version to show you how the app works.

Once you install the app, launch it and tap the browser icon on the bottom toolbar. Key into in the address bar to access YouTube website.


When you come across a video you want to download, tap on the video link and hold for a couple of seconds. You'll be prompted with several options. Tap "Download Link" and the app starts to download the YouTube video.


As the video is downloading, you can tap on the "Downloads" button on the bottom toolbar to view the progress.


When the download completes, tap on the "Disk" button and go into "Document" folder. You'll find the YouTube video you just downloaded. Simply tap on the video and watching it!


The app is particularly useful when you're not using an unlimited data plan. You can download any YouTube videos via Wi-Fi network ontoyour iPhone and then view it on-the-go without any extra data charges.

TagDisk Lite is free for download from App Store. However, there is a file limit for the free version. So if you like the app and want to enjoy all features, you may opt for TagDisk+ for $4.99.


The original post was published here: Download and Save YouTube Video to iPhone with TagDisk