“Downton Abbey” fans are slowly learning what’s in store when Season 5 of the PBS show premieres in January 2015. Michelle Dockery, who plays Lady Mary Crawley on the series, recently spoke to Entertainment Weekly about what her character is up to in the new episodes. Apparently, the heiress will find her groove and get back in the dating game.

Fans may remember that in the last season of "Downton Abbey," Lady Mary’s husband, Matthew Crawley, was killed in a car accident soon after the birth of the couple’s son George. Their son is the heir apparent to the entire Downton Estate. Lady Mary became consumed with grief after the accident and has not been the same character since.

Recently, released promo photos showed George with a servant, while another photo showed Tom Branson with his daughter Sybbie. This left many theorizing that Lady Mary would be absent from George’s life in Season 5 while she continued to battle her grief. However, Dockery revealed there might be another reason for Lady Mary’s absence – a busy social life.

Dockery told Entertainment Weekly about her character’s big changes. "She's very much out of mourning by series five. For me, it's like a new Mary," Dockery explained, "She's got her spirit back…she's got her bite back.” She also spoke about Lady Mary’s romantic life saying, “She’s giving herself time romantically with Gilliam and Blake. She's still not making any quick decisions."

Will another man win Mary’s hand in Season 5? It sure seems like there will be a chance. Fans will have to wait until the January 2015 season premiere to find out for sure.

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