At least twenty-five people have been injured, some seriously, after an explosion struck a bus in Jerusalem.

The force of the blast shook buildings hundreds of meters away, according to early reports.

No deaths have yet been confirmed.

Initial reports stated the blast occurred near the central bus station in the Jewish area of West Jerusalem. Police and many ambulances have converged on the area.

According to BBC, it is not year clear if the explosion occurred inside a bus or outside a bus. No cause for the blast has yet been revealed.

However, Haaretz, an English language Israeli paper, said the cause of the explosion was a bomb that exploded at a bus stop outside the International Convention Center, just opposite the central station in Jerusalem.

A reporter for Agence France Presse said people were lying on the ground covered with blood and many cars and buses had shattered windows.

The casualties are being evacuated to the Hadassah Hospital in Ein Karem.

Haaretz added that entrance into Jerusalem has been sealed off.