Bio-Solutions Corp. issued a press release after the close yesterday to announce the appointment of Dr. Maximilien Arella as the newest member of the Bio-Solutions advisory board. Dr. Arella, a Professor at the Microbiology and Biotechnology Research Centre, INRS – Institut Armand – Frappier (IAF), at the University du Québec in Montreal, is described by Bio-Solutions Ceo and President, Dr. Gilles Chaumillon, as “the brainchild behind the development and implementation of GreenEx”.

GreenEx, a malaria combating organic insecticide, is the flagship product of Bio-Solutions. GreenEx has been shown to destroy up to 98% or mosquito larvae within a 24 hour period and is the topic of many discussions regarding sales of the product to countries in Africa, Latin America and Asia by Dr. Chaumillon.

Dr. Arella’s background is primarily in molecular biology, cancer markers, applications of the double-stranded RNA virus and amplification systems for the analysis of human and animal viruses.

The breadth of Dr. Arella’s work experience is extensive including:

• For the last 26 years, working as a scientific advisor and counselor to Dr. Tetsuo Nakamura, who serves as president of the Institute of Immunology Company, Ltd in Tokyo, Japan
• For the last 12 years serving as president and shareholder of Perigene Inc. Perigene owns platform technologies from INSA-Rouen and from the UTC-Compiègne in France.
• For the last 11 years, acting as president and shareholder of Sannica Biotech-Pharma.
• For the last 17 years, serving as chairman of the Virology Research Center of the IAF during which he held the responsibility of managing both the research and the teaching programs.

Dr. Arella holds many degrees including a Post-doctorate Degree in Biotechnology from the Roche Institute of Molecular Biology in New Jersey, a Ph.D. in virology from the Institut Armand Frappier (IAF)/ Université de Rouen and a Master’s Degree in Microbiology-Immunology from the Université de Montréal.