Celebrity doctor Mehmet Oz spoke out Thursday about the death of “Mob Wives” star Angela “Big Ang” Raiola. He was the last person to interview the larger-than-life reality star, who died from lung and brain cancer at age 55 early Thursday morning.

It was her lifelong addiction to cigarettes that killed her, Oz told People magazine in an exclusive interview. Even though doctors tried to treat Big Ang with aggressive chemotherapy, it didn’t work. She appeared on “The Dr. Oz Show” to talk about the dangers of smoking.

“In the setting of that, she came on to get people to appreciate that this dumb cigarette addiction she picked up as a young woman, she wanted people to see the anguish in her face, as she was clear about the fact that cigarettes killed her,” he said.

The interview, which Oz called “raw” and “authentic,” aired two days before Big Ang died. He said she sensed the end was near. “She was scared. Which is always a sign that ... people know more about their bodies than any test will tell you,” said Oz. “What the patient tells you is more accurate than what you can guess. She had been beaten down over the last year.” 

In a separate interview with “Entertainment Tonight,” Oz said even though Big Ang loved her estranged husband, Neil Murphy, she had to leave him so she could focus on herself. “I think Big Ang loved her husband dearly,” he said. “Her decision to separate was based more on the fact that she had to focus on Big Ang, especially at this dire time. She couldn’t afford to focus on other people. And I think she realized that she had been providing a lot for many years, but that doesn’t change the way how you feel about people — you still love them dearly.”

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